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Google Cloud Certification in 20 days Book

Don't struggle to enter in IT world anymore. No experience= No problem. This power-packed ebook cuts through the fluff and delivers a laser-focused 20-day training program designed to get you ready to ace the exam.



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  • Fast-Track Your Future: Master Google Cloud in just 20 days with our expertly designed prep book, tailored for rapid learning and success.
  • Real Exam Practice: Gain an edge with actual exam questions, providing you with the perfect rehearsal for the real test.
  • Industry Insights: Dive into real-life banking scenarios, equipping you with practical knowledge and an understanding of key industry challenges.
  • Elevate Your Earnings: Our focused training prepares you for a lucrative start in the tech world, even without prior experience.
  • Step into Success: Each page of our guide is a stepping stone towards achieving your Google Cloud certification and unlocking the door to higher salary prospects.
  • Learn from the Best: Benefit from insights and strategies formulated by experts with firsthand experience in Google Cloud technologies.
  • Transform Your Career: This isn’t just a book; it’s your pathway to transforming your career and stepping confidently into the tech industry with a certified skill set.
  • Achieve More: Position yourself for success from day one in the job market, leveraging your certification for roles that demand top-tier talent and offer rewarding salaries.

Muskan Sandhu

Google Cloud Engineer
Muskan Sandhu, a distinguished cloud computing expert and seasoned software architect, embodies the intersection of deep academic knowledge and real-world expertise. With multiple master's degrees in computer science and cloud computing, her intellectual prowess is matched by her practical experience in architecting innovative cloud solutions. Muskan's unparalleled ability to demystify Google Cloud's complexities has established her as a luminary in the tech community, where she continues to empower and inspire through her teachings and writings.

Course reviews

This course is a treasure trove of knowledge, paving the way for a higher salary right at the start of my cloud career.
Sean White
Senior Cloud Architect
A game-changer in Cloud learning! Boosted my career and salary expectations from day one."
Mannat Kaur
Solution Architect
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